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When was the last time you indulged the Goddess in you?

Voula Beauty creates professional-grade beauty products inspired by Greek island culture.

Our restorative, skin-loving formulas are carefully crafted with natural ingredients, backed by science and fed by tradition.

I’m a makeup artist that loves products/brands that do what they say they will. Voula is one of those brands. Their foundation has great coverage and is buildable for those days you need it. Plus it looks amazing camera. They are a clean brand which means no harsh chemicals on your face. Also, the new sponge they have is one of my new favorites, because with the way it’s shaped, you can blend your foundation AND bake and contour your face with powder. It’s great. A makeup artist kit must-have I say.

Ian Maxion , @ianmaxion, celebrity makeup artist

Ladies, this is not only a great full coverage serum foundation, @voulabeauty gives you amazing benefits to your skin. I’m totally loving it! As a makeup artist I fully recommend it. Let’s keep looking young, brighter and sexy.

Artur Ortiz, @artyoa, celebrity makeup artist

I gave up Armani and Lamer for this natural foundation years ago. It’s truly the best!


I love the Voula Beauty Complexion Sponge because of its pillow texture. It’s like applying makeup with a handheld cloud.

Tanya Crosland, celebrity makeup artist

All other foundations better watch it, there’s a new kid on the block, and not only is this kid, like, the greatest kid ever, but it’s also natural.

Candace, @yogabycandace

I just started using @voulabeauty The Serum Foundation and have been loving it! I get medium to full coverage with just two pumps and it sits really well on my skin!


I am actually really impressed! The coverage is super high but it feels so lightweight on your skin, it seems very dewy when first applied and dries down to a subtle matte finish so you don’t look oily! I really love it!


I’ve been lucky enough to be one of the first people to try Voula’s new and upcoming products and all I can say is WOW! The Serum Foundation was a game changer for me and I can’t wait for everyone to have the chance to try the new products soon.

Irene L.

Goddesses have big dreams.

But all too often, they seem out of reach – a growing to-do list, lack of self care, and burnout make it easy to forget the things that matter.

You were born full of confidence, energy and beauty. There’s a Goddess inside you, and she needs your attention too.

It’s not about overhauling your lifestyle – you don’t have time for that! It’s about creating a small haven for yourself every day, so you can feel more confident, relaxed and positive.

What would happen if…
you indulged the Goddess in you …just a little?

…If you enjoyed the luxury of waking up and taking the time you need for yourself?

…If you started each day feeling radiant, confident and more connected with your body?

By paying attention to what your inner Goddess wants and needs, you can make a powerful change: you can transform the way you feel about all the other challenges you face.

That expression of self starts with Voula Beauty.

The Serum Foundation

The Serum Foundation is scientifically formulated and infused with Vitamin C, Marine and Botanical Extracts to nourish your skin while helping to give you a clearer, brighter, smoother complexion.

A unique skin-pampering experience worthy of a Goddess.

The Serum Foundation



Indulge the Goddess in you with a glowing complexion, while nourishing your skin with clinically-proven botanical extracts, for a radiant, youthful complexion

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EU Certification Vegan Certification

Experiencing life in the West, I felt an increasing sense of pressure as the pace of the world continued to increase. I, and many women I knew, felt increasingly burned out and disconnected from ourselves. It was a feeling I couldn’t come to terms with.

My Greek upbringing was focused on a culture that is much more grounded and much closer to nature. The Mediterranean way of life is about more than just slowing down – it's about experiencing deeper connection, with ourselves and others.

There's a greater sense of freedom and harmony, of being part of nature and experiencing its healing powers. It’s this inclusion of nature into the lifestyle that brings a sense of calm and uplift and a connection to our inner selves.

I knew a different way of living was possible, and I made it my mission to combine these two worlds, and share some of my Grecian culture through my passion for natural beauty and skincare.

I created Voula Beauty to help more Goddesses like you tap into the nourishing wisdom of Greece and reconnect to their truth. I hope you'll join me in rediscovering yourself - and spreading your own unique way of living out into the world.

Voula - Founder

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Nourish your unique skin …the Goddess way.

Discover the pitfalls of caring for your unique skin type and learn how to maintain beautiful skin for the longterm:

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