How To Pre-Conceal To Prevent Your Makeup From Looking Like A Mask

Do you sometimes find yourself accidentally applying too much foundation and you don’t realize it until it’s too late? Applying too much foundation can almost give the appearance that you’re wearing some type of mask. We’ve found the trick to prevent this from happening is to use a technique we like to call pre-concealing.

Pre-Concealing allows you to conceal your blemishes, or other areas of concern, while allowing you to apply a lighter layer of foundation and still end up with a beautiful, flawless, yet still natural complexion. Pre-concealing and color correcting make a huge difference when done correctly. Now let's get into the technique and how you can apply it to your everyday makeup application.

It’s best to choose a concealer that matches well with your skin color, or if you need a bit of color correction, choose a yellow based concealer to cover redness or a pink based concealer to cover purple and blue tones. It’s best for the concealer to have a finish that dries down completely and adheres nicely to the skin. This way you don’t have to worry too much about disturbing it when you apply your Serum Foundation.

Try using a brush to pre-conceal, in order to precisely cover ONLY the areas that need it and to also use as little product as possible, with the most impact. If you use a brush, it’ll give you fuller coverage with less product, especially if you use only light pressure to apply it. Now you’re ready for the foundations application.

With your damp Complexion Beauty Sponge 1.0, very gently tap your Serum Foundation all over your face. You want to use enough pressure to blend the foundation, but not too much that you disturb the concealer. It’s easy to start really dabbing away and increasing the pressure each time, but you’ll have a nicer foundation application with light pressure when using your sponge. If you find you need just a touch more concealer on very difficult areas, go back in with a concealer that’s very similar to your foundation color, or maybe even just a touch lighter, depending on the intensity of the area of concern. Sometimes this part takes a little trial and error, but once you have it down, you’ll never look back!

You’re all set! You should now have a beautifully natural, yet flawless finish to your makeup, without looking like you’re wearing a mask. Don’t be surprised if you’re showered with compliments on your glowing complexion.