How To Apply Foundation For a Flawless, Yet Light And Natural Makeup Look

When applying foundation, the end result is not only determined by the product itself, but also by the tools and techniques that are used during the application. A dry sponge will give you a different result than a damp sponge, and every different type of brush will give you various results as well. In this post we want to discuss a couple techniques you can use when applying your foundation, in order to give you a more natural everyday makeup look, even if you are using a medium to full coverage foundation.

When applying your foundation with the intent to create a natural, light finish, you want to use longer sweeping motions or larger buffing motions. These two techniques will help spread the product across a larger area, which will create a thinner layer of foundation on the skin. This in turn helps to give that light natural everyday makeup look, while still giving your skin a beautiful, polished . Even if you have a medium to full coverage foundation, you can still create a lighter coverage look by using these application methods.

If you find you tend to have a heavy hand when applying your foundation, and it's harder for you to create the lighter look you want to achieve, simply mix some moisturizer with your foundation before applying. Mixing the two products will dilute your foundation a bit, which will assist you in creating the light, natural makeup look you want, even if you have tend to use a bit more product. Although, with this technique, there is a bit of science that comes into play. You must be sure that your moisturizer and foundation have a similar base before mixing the two. If your foundation has a silicone base, it's a good idea to use a moisturizer that's either water based or water/silicone based. The last thing you want to do is try to mix a water or silicone based product, with an oil-based product. This will cause the products to separate, even after they have been applied, leaving you with splotchy areas all over your face. This is definitely not a look you want!

If you have blemishes, dark circles, or other problems areas that you would like to add a little more coverage to, make sure you only use a bit more product on those areas. When you use a light layer of foundation as your base, and only add a bit more coverage to areas that need it most, it will give the appearance of have naturally flawless skin. Using this technique along with the rest of the techniques above, you can easily create a flawless yet natural make look that is perfect for any occasion!