Is Your Skin Ready For Winter?


Winter is here and it’s time to start thinking about your skin and how you can protect it from the harsh weather. The change from warm to cold weather means a change in humidity, as well as dry heat circulating in your home. All this dry air tends to have an effect on your skin and it’s best to be prepared and begin making some changes to your winter skincare regimen, in order to keep your skin comfortable and healthy during this time of year.


Start by taking a look at your product line up, such as your face wash, toner, serum and moisturizer and make small changes at first. The first step in your skincare is face wash, and it can really impact the feel of your skin. Be sure to use a face wash that leaves you with clean, fresh feeling skin. If your face wash starts to leave your skin feeling dry and tight, then it’s time to move onto another one that is meant for your slightly drier winter skin. Sometimes making this one adjustment is all you need, but there is always a chance you need to start moving down the line up of products.


If your face wash is now feeling nice and comfortable, keep your toner and serum the same and use a moisturizer that is slightly more moisturizing and helps keep your skin from becoming dry. Because a slightly heavier moisturizer will be adding that extra moisture, you may find that your toner and serum are still working perfectly fine with your skin. If these two changes have improved your skin, but you feel as though you need a bit more of a change, then you can look into experimenting with your toner and serum as well.


Adding an extra session of light exfoliation, if you find your skin is becoming flaky in certain areas, and maybe even adding a weekly or bi-weekly hydrating mask, can do wonders for your skin. For some of you with very dry skin, you may even benefit from using a hydrating mask more than just once or twice a week. If you find your skin is only dry and flaky in specific areas, it’s perfectly ok to use the hydrating mask and other products only on those specific areas of your face.


For your winter skincare routine, think about sealing in all your products with a facial oil as your last step. Even if your facial oil is meant to be light, it will still help seal in your moisturizer and all other products used before it. Moisturizers are great because they add water to the skin, and the facial oil will help lock in that water, as well as soften your skin and help heal dry areas.


It’s all about finding that new balance that will work for your winter skincare regimen. Slowly start changing your products and experiment to find what works best to keep your skin smooth and glowing this winter.