Natural Glowing Everyday Makeup And Foundation Routine

Video: Marianna Hewitt creating a natural glowy everyday makeup look using The Serum Foundation

Going full on glam is fun, but sometimes all you want is a natural glowing everyday makeup look. The best way to accomplish this simple, yet flawless, makeup look is to work with a light hand and apply extra product only where necessary.

Apply your foundation in a light layer all over your face with either a damp sponge or a makeup brush. Use only enough to create a smooth natural looking base, because next comes concealing. If you have any extra spots on your face, or dark circles around your eyes, this is the time to dab a light amount of concealer onto these trouble spots. Sometimes even just dabbing a bit of extra foundation onto these areas is enough for some people. In any case, remember less is more! We are not going for a "photoshopped" perfect look, instead we are going for natural flawless beauty. Using featherlight pressure when concealing, or adding extra product, is key!

After your base is complete, lightly highlighting and contouring will be your best friends. Using a light hand, add just a small amount of contour on the bottom of your cheek bones, on the sides of your nose and around your forehead. These are general contouring techniques and you should always contour according to which areas of the face your would like to add a bit more depth to. This also goes for highlighting. Highlighting the tops of the cheekbones can really brighten the face, but you can also add a touch of highlighter to the bridge of your knows, cupids bow and even just above your eyebrows towards your temples.

For that natural makeup look, try to keep colors on your eyes, lips and cheeks simple and neutral. Add a bit of eyebrow color, if necessary, and a bit of mascara for a final touch. This type of makeup look can be worn during the day, or even for a night out.

Check out the video of Marianna Hewitt creating a flawless natural glowing makeup look using The Serum Foundation! She shows you the perfect way to create a look that enhances your natural beauty and can be worn for any occasion!