The Best Clays To Use For Dry Skin

Clay masks are typically sought after by individuals whose skin types are more on the oily side, but we have found that dry skin types can also benefit from using clays. The purpose of clay masks is to help detoxify the skin from impurities and excess oils.  It’s true that many clays tend to worsen dry skin, but there are a few that are more gentle and can work wonders for dry skin.
One of the most popular clays used in cosmetics is Kaolin. Kaolin is very gentle when it comes to cleansing and removing dirt and excess oil from the skin. It absorbs impurities gently, without removing the natural oils from the skin. This clay is great for rejuvenating skin because of it’s high levels of silica and it also provides a wonderful soft feel to the skin. Two types of Kaolin Clay that are wonderful for dry skin are Brazilian Clay and Rose Clay.
Rhassoul Clay, also known as Moroccan Clay, is also a great choice for dry skin. This type of clay absorbs dirt from the skin and also provides a cleansing effect. The high levels of silica and magnesium make this clay especially wonderful for dry skin. The silica promotes collagen production, while the magnesium helps to repair dry, damaged skin fast. Using this clay with help give you that beautifully radiant, youthful looking skin.
French Pink Clay  is known to be the most gentle of all the clays. It doesn’t irritate or dry out your skin, making it a top choice for dry and sensitive skin types. This type of clay helps to exfoliate dead skin, while increasing cell turnover and gently drawing out impurities. 
If you have dry skin and you have been contemplating whether or not you should try a clay mask, try to find a mask that incorporates these types of clays. This way you can benefit from drawing out the impurities of the skin, while not having to worry about drying it out. Also, don’t be afraid to add oil to your clay, instead of water (for DIY type products), or even add oil to wet clay masks. The oil will help keep your skin protected and hyrdated while the clay works on cleansing the skin. We recommend using sweet almond oil, or any similar oil, as it does wonders for dry skin.