features and raves about The Serum Foundation!

In her "Off the Mat: September" blog post, Candace, an author, yogi, blogger, influencer, girl boss and much more, discusses life off the yoga mat, including beauty, podcasts, travel and more. In this blog, Candace raves about The Serum Foundation, saying "I have found the mother of all foundation and I am over the moon in love with it that I feel like I need to share today." She also goes on to talk about natural beauty products and the disappointments she has experienced with them and how she was surprised by how much she loves our product. So much so, that she decided to toss the big brand foundation she was using before trying The Serum Foundation! She even states, "All other foundations better watch it, there's a new kid on the block, and not only is this kid, like, the greatest kid ever, but it's also natural." Being a fan of YogaByCandace, we here at Voula Beauty, couldn't be more honored to receive such praise from Candace herself! Click here to read the entire blog post! Make sure to also check out the YogaByCandace youtube channel, as well as The YBC Mantra Box, which is a discovery box program which includes high quality products, chosen by Candace, from small businesses in the health and wellness industries.