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Indulge the Goddess in you with a glowing complexion, while nourishing your skin with clinically-proven botanical extracts, for a radiant, youthful complexion

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EU Certification Vegan Certification

Experiencing life in the West, I felt an increasing sense of pressure as the pace of the world continued to increase. I, and many women I knew, felt increasingly burned out and disconnected from ourselves. It was a feeling I couldn’t come to terms with.

My Greek upbringing was focused on a culture that is much more grounded and much closer to nature. The Mediterranean way of life is about more than just slowing down – it's about experiencing deeper connection, with ourselves and others.

There's a greater sense of freedom and harmony, of being part of nature and experiencing its healing powers. It’s this inclusion of nature into the lifestyle that brings a sense of calm and uplift and a connection to our inner selves.

I knew a different way of living was possible, and I made it my mission to combine these two worlds, and share some of my Grecian culture through my passion for natural beauty and skincare.

I created Voula Beauty to help more Goddesses like you tap into the nourishing wisdom of Greece and reconnect to their truth. I hope you'll join me in rediscovering yourself - and spreading your own unique way of living out into the world.

Voula - Founder