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Cloud-like softness for flawless makeup application with minimal effort

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Perfectly even and flawless makeup application with minimal effort. Because a beautiful makeup look shouldn’t be hard work.

Unlike your average beauty sponge, the Complexion Beauty Sponge 1.0 was created to have the perfect balance and density in order to create a flawless makeup application with minimal effort.

The custom density is ideal for applying the perfect amount of product onto the skin and won’t soak up all your makeup the way many other sponges do. Its softly curved bottom and angled flat edges allow you to cover different areas of the face for perfectly even makeup application.



Experiencing life in the West, I felt an increasing sense of pressure as the pace of the world continued to increase. I, and many women I knew, felt increasingly burned out and disconnected from ourselves. It was a feeling I couldn’t come to terms with.

My Greek upbringing was focused on a culture that is much more grounded and much closer to nature. The Mediterranean way of life is about more than just slowing down – it's about experiencing deeper connection, with ourselves and others.

There's a greater sense of freedom and harmony, of being part of nature and experiencing its healing powers. It’s this inclusion of nature into the lifestyle that brings a sense of calm and uplift and a connection to our inner selves.

I knew a different way of living was possible, and I made it my mission to combine these two worlds, and share some of my Grecian culture through my passion for natural beauty and skincare.

I created Voula Beauty to help more Goddesses like you tap into the nourishing wisdom of Greece and reconnect to their truth. I hope you'll join me in rediscovering yourself - and spreading your own unique way of living out into the world.

Voula - Founder