Winter Skincare Routine Tips

Winter Is Here! But along with the nightwalkers it also brings the horrors of dehydrated and dry skin.

Skin Care in Winter and its Importance

Change of weather is always a tough time for your skin. It starts feeling different with each season especially the winters. As the chills approach accompanied by lower humidity, skincare becomes more important than any other time of the year.

The cold weather and dry air result in reduced sebum production and dehydrated skin. The cold causes a reduction in blood circulation and tightening of your pores, which in turn reduces sebum production. This can have a serious impact on your skin’s barrier function. The skin’s barrier needs to be healthy in order to protect your skin and reduce irritation and inflammation.

Unfortunately, when your sebum production is reduced, your skin’s barrier function suffers. When your skin’s barrier function is not up to par, your skin’s healthy structure and natural moisturizing abilities are compromised and in turn this allows that dry air to really takes its toll on your skin.

The dryness of the air results in moisture being drawn away from your skin. Once again, the reduced sebum production means your skin isn’t able to protect itself from this dry air and from the pulling of moisture from the skin, which causes your skin to become dehydrated and can make it rough, scaly and dull, and it can also cause sensitivity, inflammation and itchiness.

As temperatures drop, skin care in winter becomes vital to avoid the above-mentioned problems which can negatively affect your skin’s health and its appearance.

5 Tips To Help Your Skin In The Winter

To deal with the harsh climate of the cold winter, here are my top 5 tips to help winterize your skincare routine and keep your skin healthy, bright and smooth.

Tip #1

Change your cleanser to one that’s more moisturizing and replenishing than the one you use the rest of the year. This chance alone can have a significant impact on your skin because you’ll be lessening the chances of your cleanser stripping your skin of vital moisture.


If you typically have normal skin the rest of the year, try using a cream cleanser in the winter.

If your skin is usually oily the rest of the year, try using a cleanser that’s meant for more normal skin types.

For dry skin, I recommend sticking to either a cream cleanser, or using an oil or balm cleanser. If you use the double cleansing method, then use an oil or balm cleanser for both your first cleanse and your second cleanse.

An oil cleanser is actually a great option for using as the main cleanser for all skin types during the winter months.

Tip #2

Gently exfoliate on a regular basis to help keep your skin from becoming rough and dull. Of course, you want to be very gentle, especially if you’re already experiencing irritation and sensitivity. If this is the case, then you may want to use a PHA or a gentle AHA product, at a low percentage, a few times a week. Maybe start with two times a week and see how your skin reacts. These acids are not only gentle, but they also help to hydrate your skin.

If a toner is too strong for your skin, you may want to opt for using these acids in a cleanser form. This makes them even more gentle, because the product will be washed away soon after application. This helps you benefit from the exfoliating properties but may also help you avoid irritation.

Tip #3

Use a hyaluronic acid toner or serum before applying any other serum. This will help to combat the negative effects of the dry air and it’s going to help replenish your skin and allow it to better-absorb your other products as well.

Tip #4

Use a moisturizer that helps replenish your skin’s barrier with ingredients like, amino acids, proteins, ceramides and lipids. This will greatly benefit your skin’s barrier function and in turn help to minimize the harsh effects of the cold and dry winter weather.

Tip #5

Use a facial oil on top of your moisturizer to lock everything in and help reduce trans epidermal water loss. This will help your skin to stay hydrated and moisturized and you’ll also get the most out of your hyaluronic acid and any other beneficial serums you use. Facial oils have become a game-changer in many aspects for so many of us and it’s a product you should include in your winter skincare routine but be sure not to limit them to only certain times of the year. They really are great as a year-round product.

Follow these tips for a winter skincare routine that will help you retain moisture for long-lasting hydration and glow.

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Winter Skincare Routine Tips

Winter Is Here! But along with the nightwalkers it also brings the horrors of dehydrated and dry skin. Skin Care in Winter and its Importance Change of weather is always a tough time for your skin. It [...]